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California Fall Color


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The Story Of Our Miracle Rose

The picture accompanying this blog post shows two new roses with a remarkable tale to tell. At least, it's remarkable for us. It just goes to illustrate the sort of things that happen to us on a regular basis; sometimes, … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened to Mary Jane? All Quiet on California’s Proposition 19

Image via Wikipedia On November 2, 2010, voters in the state of California will decide on Proposition 19, also known as the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act. The rest of the world is no doubt looking in towards California … Continue reading

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A Blaze In The Fireplace

The flames are roaring in the fireplace, consuming the firewood at a terrific rate. It's necessary, I need to keep warm. I'm shivering this morning. It's about 55 degrees outside; but that's 55 degrees without any blanket of humidity to … Continue reading

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Antiques Fair In San Juan Bautista

Sunday afternoon, and our regular afternoon trip out to San Juan Bautista beckons; a long-standing date for an ice cream at Margot's ice cream parlor, every other Sunday, since C works one weekend off, one weekend on. We pick a … Continue reading

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Pictorial: A date at Rocky Point

It was a lovely evening out, for the best of reasons. C only had Thursday off before having to work this weekend, and it’s the fourth of July, and she’d always thought of us going there, and… yes, absolutely plenty … Continue reading

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Climate Change

Some things about relocating would never spring to mind; but a change in the weather, perhaps, is something quite obvious. I knew I was in for a difference; I’ve been used to bitter winters and humid summers for a long … Continue reading

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