A Blaze In The Fireplace

The flames are roaring in the fireplace, consuming the firewood at a terrific rate. It's necessary, I need to keep warm. I'm shivering this morning. It's about 55 degrees outside; but that's 55 degrees without any blanket of humidity to take the edge of it. It feels more like forty. Or thirty. Or some other meaningless number. It doesn't feel like a number at all. What it feels like is cold. I'm wearing thick socks and house shoes; I'm thinking about putting another pair of socks on. I'm still wearing my flannel pyjamas. On top of those; I'm wearing the most snuggly shirt I've got; one that had served me well protecting me from a howling wind 315 feet off the ground in a theme park in Ohio. In October. I throw on another piece of firewood; I have to keep this going. The laptop is living up to its name, trying to keep my legs warm with it. I shiver again, and put the kettle on for something warm, comforting, some tea with something spicy in it, maybe some ginger. I might even be talked into a cocoa.

Welcome to California's Central Coast. In August. It's been one of the coolest summers on record. And no, Mark Twain never said that.

About darlingman1970

Born in the UK and a graduate in mathematics from Cambridge University, Chris Nash has followed a career in software engineering which he continued after moving the United States in 1996 and now brings him to California in 2010. However, Chris does not want to be considered as merely a code monkey, and has always been interested in writing; in areas as diverse as factual technical manuals all the way through to fiction. An avid reader, Chris is a fan particularly of mystery novels and enjoys above all the works of Agatha Christie and David Hewson. Chris has recently gone through some significant life changes which, at the moment, he is considering as the basis for a forthcoming novel and as food for thought on his blog. He manages to couple his loves of writing and technology and is particularly interested in how internet innovations have an impact on the writing and promotional process. Chris is a firm supporter of Creative Commons and other 'open' initiatives and believes strongly that such distribution mechanisms are the "right" way to handle intellectual property in an evolving digital world. Chris is a keen Nintendo DS and Wii player in his spare time, and is currently happily attached, living in the Central Coast area of California. Find him on Twitter as @darlingman1970. Don't ask him how old he is.
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