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Na. No. Wri. Mo. No. No. No. No! #nanowrimo

Image by owlbookdreams via Flickr In about a week from now, an enormous number of otherwise sane adults will take leave of their senses and begin acting like a bunch of six-year-olds. No, I'm not talking about Hallowe'en. I'm talking … Continue reading

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Fourteen Hints To Keep Your Password Safe

Image via Wikipedia It happened all very suddenly a couple of days ago. I was working away when my phone vibrated in my pocket; just a couple of buzzes, an incoming e-mail. It could wait until I was no longer … Continue reading

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Online Game Review: Fallen Race

Image via Wikipedia There's quite a number of "browser-based" multiplayer games out there on the Web, with varying levels of complexity. At one extreme, there are the massively multiplayer online games that require software installation or download; at the other … Continue reading

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An Unpaid Forfeit

This is a post whose beginnings had been sitting in my draft folder for 11 months. I'm publishing it now, and bringing it up-to-date a little.My optometrist, back before I moved, was a tiny woman of a very slight build … Continue reading

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Dryer Lint

C shot me an email last night, effervescent with more than even her usual sense of enthusiasm. Her desk at work had reached that critical point where, like it or not, cleanup was absolutely necessary. “I’m getting somewhat organized!” she … Continue reading

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Online Relationships Leave A Lot To Be Desired

A good friend – online, of course – sent me a link to an article about shallow online relationships today, and how they can possibly be – dangerous? Relationships without strong connections, all too common on the Internet, can leave … Continue reading

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The Other Side Of Disconnected

Several months ago, for reasons that perhaps will unfold as you read this blog, my online presence quite literally disappeared overnight. Several acquaintances, worried at the abruptness of my vanishing, began something of a manhunt, and, what with Google being … Continue reading

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