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The Pursuit Of Happiness

Occasionally, both C and I come under a bit of scrutiny which seems, on the surface, to be entirely pleasant and well-meaning, but makes us wonder whether that’s entirely true. As time passes, casual acquaintances seem less and less interested; … Continue reading

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An Unpaid Forfeit

This is a post whose beginnings had been sitting in my draft folder for 11 months. I'm publishing it now, and bringing it up-to-date a little.My optometrist, back before I moved, was a tiny woman of a very slight build … Continue reading

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Nerdy Number Corner: 142857 and Other Mathematical Parasites

I can’t remember exactly where we were. We might have been on the way to Rocky Point; somewhere like that. In mid-conversation, perhaps even in mid-sentence, I suddenly exclaimed “Oh! Would you look at that?”. By now, C is thoroughly … Continue reading

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Dryer Lint

C shot me an email last night, effervescent with more than even her usual sense of enthusiasm. Her desk at work had reached that critical point where, like it or not, cleanup was absolutely necessary. “I’m getting somewhat organized!” she … Continue reading

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Pictorial: A date at Rocky Point

It was a lovely evening out, for the best of reasons. C only had Thursday off before having to work this weekend, and it’s the fourth of July, and she’d always thought of us going there, and… yes, absolutely plenty … Continue reading

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