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California Fall Color


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Na. No. Wri. Mo. No. No. No. No! #nanowrimo

Image by owlbookdreams via Flickr In about a week from now, an enormous number of otherwise sane adults will take leave of their senses and begin acting like a bunch of six-year-olds. No, I'm not talking about Hallowe'en. I'm talking … Continue reading

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Fourteen Hints To Keep Your Password Safe

Image via Wikipedia It happened all very suddenly a couple of days ago. I was working away when my phone vibrated in my pocket; just a couple of buzzes, an incoming e-mail. It could wait until I was no longer … Continue reading

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How To Get A Head In Blogging

He's about sixteen inches tall. He weighs about sixty pounds. And he's an original; the prototype, from which my dear friend Chuck created the mold. He is, at this precise moment in time, homeless, kicked out of my old office … Continue reading

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The Story Of Our Miracle Rose

The picture accompanying this blog post shows two new roses with a remarkable tale to tell. At least, it's remarkable for us. It just goes to illustrate the sort of things that happen to us on a regular basis; sometimes, … Continue reading

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Is yWriter 5 The Novel Writing Tool For You? #nanowrimo

Whether you're new to novel writing or have had some previous experience, one thing is quite certain. You are unlikely to get very far with such a complex project if you simply decide one day to simply "go for it," … Continue reading

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Teaser: Action at a Distance: The Casino (fiction, #nanowrimo)

Image via Wikipedia This is a scene from a story I've been thinking about writing called Action at a Distance, and I had even considered doing it for National Novel Writing Month. This is a test scene that I wrote … Continue reading

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