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Review: Stone Temple Pilots

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about a 2010 Stone Temple Pilots release is that it exists at all, or that Scott Weiland’s infamous, almost legendary excesses hadn’t prematurely confined either himself to a pine box or put Dean in hospital … Continue reading

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Online Relationships Leave A Lot To Be Desired

A good friend – online, of course – sent me a link to an article about shallow online relationships today, and how they can possibly be – dangerous? Relationships without strong connections, all too common on the Internet, can leave … Continue reading

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The Other Side Of Disconnected

Several months ago, for reasons that perhaps will unfold as you read this blog, my online presence quite literally disappeared overnight. Several acquaintances, worried at the abruptness of my vanishing, began something of a manhunt, and, what with Google being … Continue reading

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The Insanely Connected World

It takes a lot to be insanely connected in the blogging world. Not just to experience it, to be entertained by it, but to interact with it, to be absorbed by it, and, yes, to be fully immersed in it. … Continue reading

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Climate Change

Some things about relocating would never spring to mind; but a change in the weather, perhaps, is something quite obvious. I knew I was in for a difference; I’ve been used to bitter winters and humid summers for a long … Continue reading

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The First Fathers’ Day After

This Fathers’ Day will be a strange experience for me. It’s like no other before it; this year, I’ll be experiencing Fathers’ Day apart from my kids. Their package arrived a couple of days ago, with strict orders. Do not … Continue reading

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Reinventing me

This isn’t the first time. A little over fourteen years ago, two days over fourteen years ago, in fact, I packed my bags and embarked on a life-changing journey. I honestly didn’t know what awaited me once I arrived. Things … Continue reading

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