Category Soup

Look out for the tags here at Reinventing Me to get an idea of the sort of topics you might see in current and future posts!

Most of the posts here will be under the personal tag, and endeavor to tell something of my story, a little bit at a time. A big part of the story is, of course, the move to California. Much of what you see here, of course, has happened because of the Internet, and I’m not afraid to share my opinion on that, either. Every once in a while I might just review some music (maybe once in a while you may even some to download), or even a restaurant. I quite enjoy taking photographs when I’m out and about, so there might be an occasional pictorial or two. And be warned, every once in a while I might try my hand at a little bit of humor, and – be especially warned, every once in a while, I might even post some math. All part and parcel of the things that make me who I am, I’m afraid, so you’ll get the lot.

I just hope you enjoy reading all these different aspects of me as much as I enjoy being them.


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