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Online Game Review: Fallen Race

Image via Wikipedia There's quite a number of "browser-based" multiplayer games out there on the Web, with varying levels of complexity. At one extreme, there are the massively multiplayer online games that require software installation or download; at the other … Continue reading

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Standing up for what I believe in – I Am The Walrus

J, a dear musician friend of mine, wrote to me a couple of days ago with his ambition for the week. "I am going to do a remake of I Am The Walrus," he bragged. "It'll be quite a challenge, … Continue reading

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Review: How to Write a Blockbuster Novel With Storybook #nanowrimo

Why Novel Planning Software? November is just around the corner, which means National Novel Writing Month is fast approaching. Whether you're planning to take part in NaNoWriMo, or whether you are perhaps entertaining the idea of writing a novel for … Continue reading

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Don’t upsell me – DVD and Blu-ray Combos

<img src="; height="278" alt="improved version of http://commons.wikimedia.o…&#8221; style=”border: none; display: block;” width=”278″ /> Image via Wikipedia "Would you like to turn that into a meal?" "Would you like to add cheese or bacon? Would you like to upsize that to … Continue reading

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Nerdy Number Corner: Recurring, recurring…

Image via Wikipedia If you've messed with a calculator for any length of time, you'll have noticed that when division isn't exact, the calculator has this nasty habit of responding with a decimal answer that fills the entire display. For … Continue reading

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You looked over my shoulder #searchenginesunday

A quick look at Google Analytics a couple of days ago found a strange phrase that someone had typed into a search engine, that somehow had brought them to this page. You looked over my shoulder. Perhaps they were disappointed … Continue reading

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Internet, I have sinned. It’s been eight days since my last blog post.

Image via Wikipedia Internet, I have sinned. It's been eight days since my last blog post. Oh, believe me, I've got excuses aplenty. Real Life intervened, of course. Quite a slice of Real Life; everything from absolute bliss, wonderfully soaking … Continue reading

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